Ganko is a young architectural practice currently based in Milan.

Ganko was established by Guido Tesio (1984) and Nicola Munaretto (1984)

following previous experiences with BAUKUH (Milan), OfficeKGDVS (Brussels), Standard (Beijing) and Christ&Gantenbein (Basel).

Ganko understands architecture as a tool, not as a goal.

Ganko understands architecture as the ultimate struggle between idea and matter, desires and possibilities, subject and context,

not as the self-determined creation of objects.

Ganko’s research  focuses on cultural heterogeneity in the contemporary world,  exploring its creative potential for the production of  space.

Ganko fulfills an architecture that is as simple in its appearence as rich in its experience.

Awards and Prizes

Europan 11 Getaria, Spain 2011

4th Prize

PMKTL Idea Competition, Paris 2011

1st prize

Bab Al Barhain Competition, Kingdom of Barhain 2012

2nd prize

Noah Clubhouse Competition, Beijing, China 2013

2nd prize

Unesco Bamyan Cultural Centre, Afghanistan 2015

Honourable Mention


“Parallel convergences. Two exemples of architectureís resilience in the struggle between concept and context.”

in SanRocco n.4, “Fuck Concept  . Context!”

summer 2012

“Less is Enough”

in StudioMagazine n.3, “Icon”

fall 2012

in SanRocco n.7, “Indifference”

fall 2013

“Conjectures on Conventional Composition”

in WAI Think Tank, “Pure Hardcore Icons: A Manifesto for Pure Form in Architecture”, Artifice, London, 2013

“Black on White”

in Experiments on Form / Exhibition Catalogue#1

Intelligentsia Gallery, Beijing, China

January  2014

“Five Rooms”

in Hermeneutics of a Room / Exhibition Catalogue#2

Intelligentsia Gallery, Beijing, China

March 2014

“Stay On Your Ground”

in The Map and the Territory / Exhibition Catalogue#5

Intelligentsia Gallery, Beijing, China

October 2014

“Living Traces” _ pictures by Guido Guidi

in CarthaMagazine #0, Worth Sharing

March 2015

“Bad Intentions” with Nicolò Ornaghi

in Shipwrecks / Exhibition Catalogue

Tile Project Space, Milan, Italy

April 2015

“A Confusion of Tongues”

Paper Manifestoes 2/Exhibition Catalogue
Yang-Mei-Zhu 120, Dashilan, Beijing

October 2015

“Beautiful and Oppressive. Lyricism and Angst in Seichi Shirai’s NOA Tower”

in AA.VV., V FUNDAMENTAL ACTS (edited by Salottobuono)

Archivo Diseno y Arquitectura, Mexico City

April 2016

“Arata Isozaki and the Tsukuba Porject. Or the Vanity of Architecture as Self-Critique”

in SanRocco n.12, “The Client Issue”

April 2016


“Walls, Islands, Frames and Mirrors. Recent Works by Wai Thnk Tank and Ganko”

Cu-Space, 706 Beisanjie, 798 ART Zone, Jiuxianqiao Rd. , 100015 Beijing, China

August 24-31, 2013

“Shipwrecks. Means of Conflict”

Tile Project Space, via Garian 64, 20100 Milan, Italy

April 15-19, 2015

“Paper Manifestoes 2”

Yang-Mei-Zhu120, Dashilan, Beijing

September 23-October 6, 2015

“Archivo Italia”

Archivo Diseno y Arquitectura, Mexico City

October 22 , 2015 – January 15, 2016

September 15 – October 22, 2016

“The Books of the Architecture of the City”

Istituto Svizzero di Milano, via Vecchi Politecnico 3, 20100, Milan

September 13 – September 28

“Re-Thinking the House / Re-Thinking Theory”

villa Vertua Masolo, via Garibaldi 1, Nova Milanese, Milan